Monday, August 7, 2017

Livestock being targeted.

EDDY COUNTY, New Mexico - Detectives with the Eddy County Sheriff's Office are investigating two separate cattle shootings. Reports show detectives responded to the 600 block of Angel Ranch Road on August 1st in reference to several cattle that had been shot and killed. A total of eleven cattle were found dead between two separate properties. Further investigation revealed that a high-caliber rifle was used within a half-mile radius of the residences. The cows that were shot are described as a red roping steer, a black cow, a black cow with a white face, two black angus cows, and a black bald cow, according to the Sheriff's Office. We're told the total value of the cattle is about $17,000-$20,000. Eddy County Sheriff Mark Cage is asking citizens to contact law enforcement if they see suspicious outside activity in the rural ranching communities. If you have any information regard these cases please contact Lt. Matthew Hutchinson or Detective Daniel Taschner at 575-887-7551. Eddy County Cattle Growers, Eddy County Crime Stoppers are offering reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators. Under NM State Law this is extreme credulity to animals and may be prosecuted as such. It is not know if these recent shooting are related to earlier shooting this year.

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