Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Army Worm complex found in Alfalfa

I have been getting reports of Army worm complex in Alfalfa, sorgum, on and other crops. Here is a good publication for beet http://aces.nmsu.edu/pubs/_a/A334/welcome.html We get all three here in Eddy County so we also have western and yellow. Control is the same. Get out there find them and spray them. Products labeled for Army worms include products labeled for alfalfa caterpillar. They are lepidopetera insects so those products labeled for alfalfa and Lepidopetera are available consult with your Crop Protection Chemical Supplier. READ and FOLLOW the label. Any specific Question give me a call. I had one producers ask why I did not make pesticide recommendations directly in these articles. We have not had any real changes in available active ingredients, for a long time. Most are no longer patent protected, and there are a lot of generic products and or reformulation of products with new names that your crop protection suppler has access to. So it makes it difficult to use trade names. If you have a question about a product how it might work give me a call I can look up the Active Ingredient and know how that should work for you.

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