Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thank YOU Veterens, and those who stayed behid to feed them.

The eleventh day of the eleventh month By Woods Houghton The eleventh day of the eleventh month, The day is Veterans Day, Why this day, To take off time to play, No! It is this day, To stop and pray, For those who have served, Those who are serving, The family of those who gave their all. It was at the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleven month, Generals, Commanders, and the brass gathered, To sign the end of the Great War, The war to end all wars, Almost 100 years ago, It was not the end of all wars. As a family at a small country Church gather, Yes, another son will live without a father, Another good woman will live without a husband, As the flag is folded and place in her hand, A tear runs down the face of the young man from whose hand it came, The bugle makes its last call, For the brave young man who answered, As those brave ones did before. It seem so inadequate to say, Thank you for your sacrifice today, So, take the time, To give as they have given, A moment of silence at the eleventh hour, Of the eleventh day, Of the eleventh month, To pray for those who serve, Those left behind, Those who will grow up alone, Today, Veterans Day, Take the time to stop to pray. I give thanks to you, The veteran that is here today, The veteran that has passed, The family of all, As the flag is folded, And the bugle gives last call And the solder has peace at last, Job well done good and faithful servant of peace.

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