Monday, November 28, 2016

2017 Red herd books are in.

If you use the Red Ranch Interrogated herd books they are available in our office on the 20 of December we will mail them to those on our list from last year. It really saves us and you the taxpayer money if you will pick them up. The University of Wisconsin has released a new Excel-based cow-calf enterprise budgeting tool which can be downloaded from the university's website. The output of this tool can be used to establish benchmark data for the cow-calf operation, which provides information that can be used to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. The spreadsheet can also be used for doing projections, and looking at how potential changes can improve the cow-calf enterprise's cash flow. The enterprise budget is designed to calculate profit or loss and break evens on a whole herd, per cow, and a basis of per hundredweight of feeder calf sold, when complete information is entered.

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