Monday, May 1, 2017

Eddy County Weed Control group does a great job.

This past week I have been looking for some dense stands of African rue, for a research demonstration plot. I told our Range Brush Specialist no problem we got it here in Eddy county, I was thinking I had seen it all over the county in past years. Every where I went that I remembered it so thick you would have sworn that it was planted and it was not there. Drove over 200 mile on back dirt county roads and did not find anything but a few spot with a few weeds. Put the word out to you all and got a few calls on place where it had been sprayed but a few survived. Or where Ray Killer and the weed group sprayed but a few plant here and there had survived. My advice is hit those few plant again with Arsenal and Round up, and or spike. But compared to the acres and acres I saw just a few years ago, what left is manageable, as long as we keep after it. We need to thank Ray and the other from the BLM, County road dept, State Department of Transportation, State Parks, State Land office and you the producers for work so hard on this project. There are always more weeds to go after however. I am also looking for some Malta Start Thistle that is dense and has not bee sprayed.

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