Monday, December 19, 2016

Prepare Your Poultry Flock for Winter

Prepare Your Poultry Flock for Winter Cooler temps and shorter days mean one thing: Winter is on it’s way. With a little preparation, you can make this winter a little easier on you and your flock. • Add a light to stimulate egg production—hens need about 14 hours per day. By applying extra light in the morning rather than the evening, chickens will naturally go to roost with the setting sun. Learn more about proper light management. • Worried about frostbite? Raise cold-hardy breeds in areas with cold weather (ex. Chantecler or Wyandotte). Keep an eye on birds with large single combs as these are prone to frosting. Most importantly, keep the coop well ventilated. Why? Poorly ventilated coops and barns trap moisture and humidity which can lead to frostbite. Keep some coop windows open—cover with UltraScreen to provide exceptional ventilation while keeping out the elements. • Frozen waterers are guaranteed. Open trough waterers can be used (no floats, valves or vacuum to worry about), but they quickly become dirty. Our Heated Poultry Waterer works well for us, and the drip-catch nipples prevent the water from being soiled. • Molt happens. It’s best to feed your birds the nutrition they need to regrow their feathers. (Some birds will regrow feathers in a few weeks, others may take a few months.) Feathers are predominantly protein, so mix in added protein with your feed or look for a blend with at least 16% protein. Using a feed grinder can ensure freshness and source verification.

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