Monday, May 16, 2016


Sugar Cane aphid in sorghum has started earlier than in the past in south Texas. 10 states have already been granted Section 18’s for the use of Transform in sorghum, just like last year. NM is NOT one of those states. The latest information I received from the NMDA is that they have not received any request for the use of Transform in sorghum. I would ask that if you anticipate the need of Transform as one of the two products that control the SCA, that you call the NMDA and let them know, otherwise they will not do anything. The EPA is very open to granting the Sec 18’s. In fact the process is much simplified after the granting of these request last year. Two points of contact. Dr Jane Pierce at the NMSU Ag Science Center in Artesia 575-748-1228 Erica Millette 575-646-2133 Pecan aphids; Same scenario, if you feel you need Closer for pecan aphid control, you need to contact the people listed below. Brad Lewis 575-646-2133 or 575-644-5737 Dr Richard Heerema 575-646-2921 An update on the full Section 3 label. We are pursuing the full labeling we had in the past. The EPA is now making decisions based on political considerations, in other words they are trying to avoid litigation from the activist groups. The activist groups are feeling very emboldened with the decisions rendered in their favor in the 9th Circuit court in San Francisco. They are challenging any decision made by the EPA regarding ANY pesticide use. It is a sad day for Agriculture when a few well-funded activist dictate what we do. Transform and Closer are one of the safest materials introduced in recent years, the court decision has made all of our tools targets. You have seen that Belt is now a target as are the new herbicide traits coming to the market via DAS and Monsanto. We are in a real battle. If we want these tools we need to be proactive with our regulatory agencies. If you have questions, Please call me. Regards and Thanks for your support. Greg

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