Friday, April 8, 2016

Closer Insecticide for Pecan section 3 delayed.

Gentlemen It was communicated to you all in the past few weeks that the EPA had told DAS that we would have the new Closer Sec 3 registration by late march or early April. We were notified on Monday that the EPA has now decided ( activist pressure ) to open this label up for a 30 day comment period which will be followed by a timeline in which the EPA has to address the comments. So in all reality the only way we will have Closer for pecans this year is via the Sec 18 process. DAS cannot be a party to that process. If you or your growers believe we need Closer as a rotation product for aphid control in pecans, you need to contact Brad Lewis or Richard Heerema or your county agent. If they choose to ask for a Sec 18, DAS will fully support with the necessary data. This is not about any environmental issue or safety issue, it is about bees and the activist community becoming emboldened and threating the EPA. Making the threats with a full mouth and belly. The EPA is scared to death of litigation. In the meantime, any Closer that is owned by growers is legal to be used, no issues. Please let me know if you have questions. Greg Greg Alpers Sr. Sales Representative Range and Pasture, Crop Protection, IVM, PhytoGen Cottonseed Mobile 575-626-7438 Dow AgroSciences LLC 1909 West 27th Street, Roswell, NM 88201 Solutions for the Growing World

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